Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Do I exist? Am I a real living person? If I am real can I be seen? Is anyone else aware of me? Can they hear me when I speak? When I scream i frustration is it perceived? If it is perceived is it just ignored? Or just not comprehended? Am I even here? Does it even matter? If it matters and is perceived is everyone else deaf? If everyone else is not deaf why would they ignore something that matters? Do I have to scream louder? Does anyone know I am drowning? If they do, do they care?
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  1. You are alone. You are a collection of perceptions and reactions to stimuli that may or may not exist outside your cloud of reasoning. You most likely will never know if they exist as you do.

    "You" exist as long as "you" can ask the question...everything beyond that is a long stream of piss in the dark.

  2. The word "duh " comes to mind sir.

  3. The phrase "You put forth the fucking questions" comes to mind, sir.

  4. Yes i did. As a form of artistic expression, not as an actual existential quandary lol i answered all those questions for myself a long time ago